Thankful that I am settled into my new place, I got a couple days off after working 7 in a row

I Am Well! Sickness in the morning - I was healed as confession was made (Charles Capps book)

Praise God! Eyesight is healed (glaucoma tests showed the lowest pressure in a long time!) and I praise God for divine connections - at Superstore she had me the custodian and was able to give some encouragement A few weeks later they ran into each other again and he remembered her!

Good Reports!
A prescription that they usually paid for, the cost is now covered in full.
Our van broke down, but it all worked out: Dance mom picked up Alexis for dance, Jason drove them home, Lance came home from Princeton that day instead of the next day! God made arrangements for all to work out!
Alexis and Alea received over $100 in paper route tips in May;
Callum - Dental Surgery; all is well and successful****Update: went off without a hitch!
-Lance & Alea

New Umbrella - I wanted to buy a new umbrella for my outside patio. My nephew was here visiting, and I happened to mention my intentions to him. He just went out and bought it for me! What a surprise!

Favour! This week I had a business meeting with another IT professional. We are now working in the same office utilizing each other's equipment, catapulting my business 5+ years ahead!  Bonus he is the Pastor of a Russian Church.

Favour, Favour! Work contracts are constantly coming in & Oskar was accepted to a daycare (with a long waiting list - which was expedited for us) close to where we live.
-Kirsten & Colton

Protection - They were driving in Saskatchewan and they both looked up and a fawn was right in front of them on a narrow bridge. There was no way that they would miss her so they both yelled 'Jesus!'. The fawn just made it out of the way just in time. Praise Jesus no accident!
-Adrian & Jeanette

Taking Authority! You know when enough is enough. We had constantly been praying for my friend as she has been in process of a very 'nasty' divorce. So many lies were being said, that it wasn't going very well for her but the truth just didn't seem to be presenting itself.

One night, I had just had enough and felt the urge to pray with my friend over the phone. We took authority over this situation in the Name of Jesus and said, 'that's enough! What needs to come to the forefront come forth. Lies be exposed. etc'. A few days later the ex gave his old phone to his daughter and the daughter was staying with my friend. Somehow all his old emails and texts were still on the phone. My friend was able to see all the messages between him and his lawyer about how they would make stuff up so she wouldn't get the kids. With all that proof, he settled instantly in favor of her and was not able to take the kids or will be able to cause problems anymore.

Debts Paid Off! They have been having huge favor with dealing with credit cards, income tax, insurance etc. after David had a stroke. Debts are being wiped out and on one of them they are even paying back what has been paid since he has been off work, over $4000 is coming back!
-David & Nicole

I got a raise in pay, work is more balanced not quite so busy.

God's Seed Never Returns Void and is Not Governed by Time! I have a friend Karen who lives in Calgary now that I have known for 41 years; since grade 9. She was in my wedding party and later I was in hers.

After Rob and I got born again in 1983 we were able to take her to church a few times over the years; here in Kelowna and in Kamloops. She always knew how we stood in our Christian walk and we tried to always be consistent.

Even though we haven't seen each other much over all the years we do keep in touch. Last year around July or August she came into town and we got together.

She shared how her son Zach had had an accident and had been prescribed oxytocin and as a result got hooked on drugs. We got to share with her about Teen Challenge and also that God cares and that prayer does work. She said that she knew she had to see us this visit because 'we would have the answer'. It really wasn't was God in us that did.

Just a couple of weeks ago I contacted Karen again to let her know that we continued to pray for Zach and the family and that they were not alone as we were standing with them and that we loved them.

Karen's response was ' Thank you. It has been a bumpy road with Zach but he has been doing good as of late. I think of you guys often. Tracy (her husband) and I started going to church last September and are finding comfort in what we are learning and the community and friends we are making. I feel like I am starting to find what I have been looking for, for so long. Jesus has been answering our prayers and I know he is listening. All will be well.'

God Takes Care of the Little Things! I had to buy 2 gifts recently for various events so Lindsay and I set out to find them. We were going to share the cost.  For the first gift we knew what we wanted. Went into the store where we thought we could find it and within 3 minutes had the item in our hand purchasing it for MUCH less that we thought. The second gift we purchased was harder to find but we found it and it turned out I had $80 in points on my HBC card so only an additional $26 dollars had to be paid. In the end my portion of the gifts was only $26 in cash for both of the gifts which had a value of $325. God is good!

It's Good to Ask Questions - Since both Muriel and I are retired, our income comes from pensions. We did have a GIS (Guaranteed Income Supplement) as well which stopped unexpectedly. I contacted the appropriate people, and inquired about why it stopped and asked that the decision be reassessed. I would call and be told it would be soon or another date in the future. Once again, I followed up and was told the GIS would be reinstated. In addition, I would get monies back retroactive to when it stopped. This money ended up being enough to pay for major dental work that I needed done!

It's Really Good to Ask Again - I had bought equipment in a combo kit and very early on one of the pieces died. I brought it into the store to ask if I could get a new one and was told no because it had been part of a combo kit. I asked again and the person I was talking to went to the shelf and grabbed a better tool than the one I brought in!

Love those Deals! I am flying to Edmonton and I got a great deal from the airlines on a direct flight!

Money Comes! Nicole received ANOTHER bursary for education!

When you Need to Have Something Fixed - When I moved back to Kelowna from back east I had to have my car inspected. When I did, there were items that were to be fixed before I could insure it in British Columbia. The cost was going to be $1200, which I could not afford. Rob pointed me in the right direction with Brian and it ended up costing me a fraction of what it could have been. Lesson-go to people in the body of Christ first!

Praise God for a Great Accountant!
Revenue Canada has audited me 3 or 4 times in my life and this most recent
time when audited, Revenue Canada told me I had to pay $75,000. I brought
our accounting to a new accounting firm and he suggested we go back over previous year's paperwork. Over the course of time, we had missed submitting some tithe receipts for some years and there had been other mistakes made. At this point, our accountant believes we should be able to get the amount owing down to a much smaller amount! Praise God!

Free is Good! I had to get a travelling document notarized for James. Lindsay referred me to a Notary who ended up notarizing the letter free!

Prayer Works! We have been praying for my brother in law who recently moved to Canada. He now has some job interviews.

God is Good!
1) I Was blessed with a bunch of money.
2) One of the brides that I do hair styling for their wedding is being featured in Blush magazine and my name will be put in the magazine as well!




It's Gone! I had a cyst on my finger and it was getting bigger and more painful, so I was planning on going to my doctor to get it removed. The Holy Spirit reminded me of all the teaching we have been listening to recently at home and that I didn't need to go to the doctor because my God can do that. So I took authority over it and told it to shrivel up and die. The next day when I took my bandaid off it was smaller so I put a new one on and told it to continue dying and go completely! Within a few days it was completely gone with new skin covering the spot. Today, which is a few weeks after you would never know anything was there.

Protected! On Friday, June 23rd I was heading to Crave listening to Jerry Savelle and praying in tongues waiting at a stop light in my little Accent when I was hit from behind and pushed into the truck in front of me. It turns out that a guy wasn't paying attention and he hit the car behind me fast enough that his airbags went off and she was pushed into me. No one had injuries at the scene and we were all able to drive our cars but I had the most damage because I was sandwiched into a truck. After all this I was continuing on to Crave wondering why this even happened when I reminded what would have happened if the vehicle behind me wasn't there and I was directly hit by the speeding car and smashed into the truck. So thank you lord that I am safe when I drive!

Paperwork Completed with Ease - Everyone knows how much work, paperwork can be. Well ALL my medical paperwork is completed by all the doctors and it was easy, didn't have to wait and there were no problems. It pays to pray ahead of time for God to be on the scene.

Listening for God to Speak - My nine year old granddaughter and I prayed about if we should believe to add a cruise to our Disneyland trip or if they should wait for another trip. We came back together after 5 days of praying and Alexis said that she really feels that it isn't the time and that's what I got. Alexis is learning to listen to the Holy Spirit!

Blessed! I am a single Mom and money is definitely tight at times. But I have made sure to tithe and not miss even if the money is tight. As a result, I am constantly being blessed with money, gift cards and jobs and I am not going without.

Sleeping Soundly Again. We have been having problems with Jaxon sleeping in his room. It felt more than just a toddler not wanting to sleep in his room, we were not sure what just that it was more. I went in his room praying trying to figure it out and I got impressed that it was something attached to a few things he was given from another child. It wasn't that it was demon possessed, it was more that it was from the child's fear of sleeping in their room that was transferred with the items. Jay and I went in his room together and pled the blood and took authority over everything in his room. Jaxon now sleeps in his room without any problems!

Update on Anthony - full of life and has lots of energy. He is doing well and combats every type of obstacle that presents itself. 

Offering Encouragement - I had opportunity to minister to family after loss of their parents. Also I Praise God for receiving new clients when needed.

Steady Work! We prayed for steady work to come in. and it keeps coming in. Praying now for the wisdom of managing all of it! I also had opportunity to witness and share the Gospel and comfort with an employee after his moms passing.

Relief of Pain! For 2 days I had my lower back out giving me pain every few minutes. It was hard to move because I never knew when it would give me a shock-wave or pinches through my spine. I had enough of not being able to move normally or do things without pain. As I got off the elevator I turned the corner and I felt a shift in my back and thought, 'oh no! it will be worse and more pain.' but yet I felt something guiding it like a hand. I reacted to it a little differently. As the day went , I realized that my lower back was back in place where it should have been a all along. No more pain at all!

Great Review at Work. I got above 'excellent' on my review at work. Her manager said he never gives that out, but she earned it! It also came with a good raise.
-Nicole Z

Kids Prayed! Tom had a sore neck and when Ethan (his son) heard about it, he went and prayed for him right then and there. Praise the Lord our kids are turning to God first!

Blessed with a Cruise! We were blessed with a 15 day cruise to Hawaii in October 2018!


Debts Paid Off! Jess and I had a large debt paid off. Then we had a significant and unexpected tax return come in. Work has also been coming in steadily.
-Jess & Michael

Found the Perfect Apartment! I had had favour finding the perfect apartment for her studies in Amsterdam beginning the end of August.

Great Deal When Air Conditioner Went Kaput! It was only 132$ to fix as we had favour at the original company where we got it from! That was way better than having to buy a new air conditioner for $3000!


May 21, 2017 - Tom’s Original Business phone Number Restored! 
A competitor pesticide company ended up receiving the phone number of the company that Tom had just purchased. Tom had tried to get it resolved to whereas the clients would remain with him, and the phone number SHOULD HAVE remained with the company he purchased.

Now years later, the original owner of Tom’s company still had paperwork showing that the original phone number belonged to Tom – not the other company. Showing this paperwork to the phone company caused quick and immediate response and NOW, years later, Tom has the phone number that was to be for the company. He was just about to change all his decals and paperwork over to another number – this was solidified just in time to prevent even more loss of money! 

May 14, 2017 - HEALING
I almost fell in my garden yesterday; Saturday am, and wrenched my foot. I had a hard time walking on it. I commanded this mountain to be cast into the sea & be healed by morning and it was. I am walking without limping and able to stamp on it. Thank you Jesus! - Shirley O’Neill