Testimony Blog

We believe that through the power of our testimonies, we will overcome. This is a place to share how good God has been to us, and to encourage you in your walk with Christ!

Chinese Book Project: Clifton Chen, (RHEMA - Taiwan)
who translates all the Kenneth Hagin material into Traditional Chinese Text, has a new blog. Check it out: www.cfaithchurch.org/en/blog.

Back to School Bash:
Thank you to VLF for your immense labor of love!!! This is such a great "demonstration" of God's Love and sharing the Gospel message. Nothing could be better. - In Christ, Pat G - Gideons Kelowna

‘Hi God, Its Me’ Ladies Conference
Praise Report of Healing:
At the Ladies conference while holding hands and praying, the pain I’d had in my lower back that morning before I came, and that had lingered on through the day, all of a sudden left my body and I felt so much better - with NO pain! - Tania


Good Results – Cancer FREE!
Anthony continues to have good results!
All Blood work came back great! There was one liver enzyme a couple of points high… 47… but then again it was at 1600 before! - Lindsay

It’s Just a Cake, Isn’t It?
My aunt was celebrating her 88th birthday and we were going to help her celebrate
! She kept mentioning how she had NEVER had someone bring her a birthday cake – so I felt strongly that we should bring one.

Driving through town, I kept thinking… is it Safeway, or Save on Foods… where should I pick up the cake? – inside I felt to go to none of the grocery stores, but ask Cassandra for a cake!

I was dropping off items at their house anyways and I knew she did make cakes as a side line business, but chances of her having one ready for me to take on the ‘go’ would be slim. Well, I did ask anyways. After dropping off the items for her I asked her if she happened to have a cake I could have right then. She had ONE cake that was a ‘left over’ from a birthday party just the day before. Extra batter was left over so she just so happened to make a ‘little’ cake with it.

She ended up adding some ganache and icing and it was perfect! I was set to go! When I came to my aunt’s place and walked in the door with this perfect ‘little’ cake just for her – she was overwhelmed! Long story short, she ended up giving her life to the Lord that day! - Lenore

The Holy Spirit KNOWS – even if someone needs lunch!
Saturday lunch was approaching and I had this urge to go out for lunch with Dieter. But the thought had come, maybe we should call his mom and ask if she needed anything – even lunch/soup maybe? She had been in the hospital just over a week ago and at times still needed some help. She was so happy someone had called! She was actually needing some lunch (and soup was the perfect choice for her sore throat) as it was too strenuous for her to make some lunch on her own that day. I am so glad that I listened to that little prompting on the inside of me, to call her! - Diana

Wisdom for the Doctors!
Dad was in the hospital being tested as he was not functioning well in his motor skills, speech and mental clarity etc. A new doctor assigned to him came in, reviewed dad’s medication and made some changes – it has made SUCH a difference. Dad is home now from the hospital, functioning better than he has in quite awhile! - Rob

EXTRA Money Comes!
A regular customer came in the other day and handed us/employees all 50$ gift certificates!
Also, later that day I received an e-transfer for some money that was owed me. It was for way MORE than what the amount should have been! - Jason

Victory Life Fellowship Celebrates 29 Years, September 17th!
Look what the Lord has done:
*(of what we have record of):
People Reached (Outreach Events): 165,900
Sunday Attendance: 68,080
Salvations: 2,473
Healed: (2011-18): 129
NT Bibles Given: 7103

Two of my team members, Nancy from Georgia and Jessica from Texas, met up and drove together to Orlando for the event this past weekend.  When they left to drive back to Georgia Sunday night there was a storm coming up.  Earlier in the day after a meeting, our friend and leader heard they were driving home and prayed angels be around their car to get them safely home. When they left that night I prayed the blood of Jesus over their car and also agreed that angels would be watching over them as they drove.  It started to rain shortly after they got going and there was a lot of water on the road causing them to hydroplane and slam into the median barrier.  Jessica told me it was such a loud and strong bang that she was shaking and thought the side of the car must be severely damaged.  When they found a spot to pull over, and got out to look, the only damage they could find was some scratches on the rims on the side that supposedly slammed into the median.  Praise God!  They made it back to Georgia without any further incidents and Jessica started for Texas in the morning.  

On the way, she received word that her boyfriend had been in a wreck.  It turned out to be 4 cars involved and he walked away without any injuries.  Two people did go to the hospital with some injuries and she didn’t know the extent of their injuries.  I had added her boyfriend into my morning prayers that day for some reason - I have never met him before in my life, just seen pictures.  God was poking me and I’m glad I listened! God is GOOD!! - Tania

Shoulder Healed!
Alea was having issues with her shoulder – It was really painful. She considered going to therapy and then thought… why am I putting up with this? So… she took authority over it and commanded ‘no more pain!’ She is healed! The pain left! - Alea

Trip to Vancouver  - Points for free motel for 1 night PLUS Given $100 gas card the day before leaving – Jess & Mike

Paid in FULL!
Miss Joan’s trip to Austria
was paid for by Lydia Europe $3500 – the ENTIRE amount! First time ever in all these years of working with Lydia Ministry and she has not had to pay for anything out of her own money! - Joan

Prayer Works! – even if its praying over kids to be quiet and content!
We made a trip to Manitoba this summer – kids were starting to ‘act up’ the 2nd day in… then I remembered I hadn’t prayed yet that morning. I prayed… they settled down and were great for the remainder of the trip! - Alea

I attended a Citywide Seniors Luncheon with Pat G on Saturday.  Pat did an altar call for Salvation and no one responded.  I was talking to an older gentleman I invited to the Luncheon.  I had met him 2 year previously in the grocery store. I asked him if he was born again.  He said he really hadn’t kept up with his Catholic background. I told him that God doesn’t care about religion and I was able to lead him to the Lord. - Lenore

College Text Books Given to Me!
I am going to college full time now.  On my first day in school I hadn’t bought my books yet. My professor gave me some text books that I thought he was lending me.  When I went to return the books, he told me he was giving them to me- Pauline

God Connections
I was given a module for synthesizing music a few years ago, and found it again the other day. I had offered to give it to someone and he never came and got it.  Therefore, I put it on Facebook Marketplace. I ended up getting a couple of responses.  The young man that bought the module gave me more money than I was asking for!   Better than that though, I was able to talk with him and invite him to Men’s breakfast and to church on Sunday.   He did not come to Men’s as he ended up having to work but we will keep in contact. - Rob

God’s Goodness While Studying in Amsterdam!
So I know I’ve been back from studying abroad in Amsterdam for awhile now, but I never shared any testimonies and there were so many that I think I should!

Before I left to Amsterdam I was believing for good edifying friendships with people that I could travel with. I believed for safe accommodations and flights. As well as favour with courses and professors and for a few travel necessities and money for the trip. I put scriptures up under each confession and posted them above my bed to see them each night and morning. All of which God provided for in the following ways:

To start I made friends that I could travel for days at a time with, that matched my travelling style and were able to get through the ups’n downs of navigating foreign countries with. Not only were those friends an answer to prayer but also I hooked up with Hillsong Amsterdam over there and joined their connect groups... like their life groups and a bunch of people turned out to even be in the same apartment building as me!  I met friends I could pray with and go see big name Christian concerts with!

And of course my apartment building that I prayed for was a 5 min walk away from Hillsong’s megachurch in Amsterdam which was such a blessing to me! In addition... not a coincidence that after I left my apartment to return home to Canada that there were building break ins, burglaries, stabbings, and drug related shootings in the complex. I know God was protecting that entire building for me while I was there. I never was worried that it was unsafe there and completely shocked to hear of it all happening after I left!

Another testimony is how I got into all the right classes at the university of Amsterdam and even though some were cancelled, I was able to get in to even better ones, my schedule was amazing and left me with time to travel as well. I also had such favour with flights and even flying stand by was able to get home for Christmas- that’s a miracle if you’ve ever flown standby in December!

I also continually experienced God’s favour... for example, going to a huge tourist destination and having a stranger say hey I have a 50% off coupon to save you 20 euros take it.... to having favour with last tickets on buses and trains or last rooms at hotels or hostels.

Even one time... a story that really speaks to the good Lords grace cuz I was so dumb to do this... like I don’t even want to mention this story cuz mama didn’t raise no fool but I was such a fool and I left my purse in a McDonalds... in Slovakia... like my passport in there and everything (I know, I know, dad already lectured me) and I walked away from it... walked about 8 blocks (yes EIGHT! ) I remembered I forgot it when I went to take a pic on my phone and then ran back to the restaurant and its still sitting there on the table ... like wow... thank God for his grace.. I low-key wonder if there was like a spiritual force surrounding it like in star wars and people tried to take it but couldn’t or somethin’ cuz it was a very sketchy McDonalds and a very poor Slovakian city. 

I also received the travel necessities like walking boots and high quality rain jacket that I needed completely free as gifts and I received an unexpected scholarship from UBCO for travelling abroad for $1000.

Also praise report- I finished my four year bachelors degree with a major in English at UBCO with zero debt!! - Nicole M

Favour! Favour!
I was invited to be a weekly guest speaker on a radio show for a new online digital radio station just launched here in Kelowna.  The person who started the station also invited me to do a weekly podcast and he will promote and direct people to listen to it.  Favour! - Tania

The day before my son was to fly out to Thailand for 3 months, he tried his debit card at the bank machine and it wouldn’t work.  He went into the branch and found out that because he had upgraded his account to get the extra services for his trip, this triggered a new card being sent and original card being cancelled.  He was not notified and the staff at the bank had no knowledge of this procedure as it was new.  The temporary card they gave him was only good for RBC machines in Canada.  Branden called me to let me know and was frustrated at the situation.  I had a good feeling and was able to witness to him saying that I would say a prayer for him that everything would work out and he would not have to incur fees (using his Visa as a debit card while away) and that he would either have a debit card that he could use or he would be able to use his Visa without charges.  He responded “ Ok yeah…” and I said to keep me posted and let me know what happens as I had to hang up.  About 10 minutes later I saw a text come in that said “Everything is fine.  I’ll tell you everything later.”  Turns out that RBC is waiving the fee for his account upgrade, waiving his Visa yearly fee and waiving any charges that may happen as a result of him having to withdraw cash (and possibly one other thing…?).  Total value to the upgrades and such was about $360.  And to top that off, when he receives mail from RBC which would be his new debit card, I am to bring it into the branch and they will pay to courier it to where he will be in Thailand.  Banks are not allowed to send cards out of the country - that is definitely a God incident! - Tania

Colby has favour with the judges – Prayer for
My nephew Colby is in jail,
moved recently to the Edmonton remand facility awaiting a bail hearing.  A few weeks ago he reached out and said that he wanted to join Teen Challenge and what did he have to do.  Through connections here with TC between them and myself and my sister, we got the paperwork to him and he has filled it out.  And I received an email from Dean at TC saying that as it stands now, there is room for Colby and to get him to forward the paperwork to Dean asap. I believe the bail hearing is for October 9, and I am believing that all things are in line for Colby to be released into the TC program and remain there until he is fully and completely healed and restored!  Colby also told me that as of September 29, he has been clean and sober for 3 months, which is the longest stretch in about 5 years. Colby will turn 25 October 15. - Tania

Thankful for Steady Work Contracts & Great Employees!
Thankful for steady contracts. The Penticton job is off to a strong start; Thankful for the great employees we have. - Lance

Money Comes!
Received another $170 USD from a person on her paper route. - Alexis

Thankful for Family!
I am thankful for the opportunity to minister and expose my nieces to faith-filled Word. We had a great family weekend. - Joan

I was pretty bold in saying to a man watching as we were setting up – ‘IT WILL NOT RAIN!’ He crossed his fingers and said, ‘I hope not, for your sake!’ I told him that over the last 15 years, we had never had weather be ‘bad’ to stop an event. However, the clouds did look pretty dark, the wind even picked up at one point, and the odd time it would spit just a few rain drops. BUT, we took our authority and just said – ‘NO, rain clouds you go!’ Sure enough, just like every other year – the weather ended up being beautiful. It ended up being SO NICE, that the sun which we had not seen for a few days, came out. PLUS there was NO SMOKE! (we have had weeks of smoke in the air!) - Diana

God Working
I led a lady to the Lord last year. She had a son who was autistic. She asked me why God made him the way he was. I said it wasn’t God that made him autistic. When I said that, the lady’s eyes lit up. I prayed for her son’s healing.

I saw the same lady and her son again this year. She said he now has a very good doctor and that he is doing so much better. He even volunteers at an organization. When I spoke to him he was a lot happier and more communicative. I thank God that He keeps working in all the guests’ lives. - Chika

KidZone CD’s Appreciated!
At the KidZone area we handed out FREE CD’s for children – a compilation of Christian songs for kids – the parents were very happy that we had the CD’s. One lady said they were just talking that morning, that they needed to go buy a new kids CD! - Cassandra

 A Seed Planted Never Dies!
One of our hairdressers who has volunteered for the 10th year in a row, shared how she had picked up a New Testament last year. She felt to gift it to one of her clients. This client comes in from time to time to get a haircut and always comments on how she is reading through the Bible – slowly but surely!

All in One Week!
1.     Woo! Just got a 30$ credit out of no where from Sam’s Grocery Store! Ya I was like, ‘Why do I have $30? The cashier said I get cash back from spending $ at Sams’ collected over time!

2.     Plus a newer TV nicer than our old one was given to us this week. 

3.     We had a serious physical problem with one of our cats and we needed to make an emergency visit to the veterinarian.  Our cat, Apollo, needed to stay overnight and have a certain procedure done that would save his life! All of the things needing to be done to Apollo, would have ended up costing us thousands of dollars! - BUT there was a special donor program which we received! It paid for the majority of the bill! - That was totally unexpected! – Candace

Getting Back on Track!
My nephew Colby has been in jail for the past few months.  Right about the time he was incarcerated Robby Ahuja was here speaking and talking about Teen Challenge and his personal story. I went up and spoke to Robby afterwards and he gave me his personal contact information to pass on to Colby.  I contacted TC in Alberta where he’s in jail and had a TC package sent to Colby and talked to several people letting them know how Robby had told me about the system works in Ontario and BC with release and conditions in conjunction with TC. Colby’s response to my sending him that package was less than grateful shall we say, but I kept believing that he would somehow hang onto or have Robby’s number. About a week and a half ago I was promoted to pray for Colby about Robby’s number/contact info so I did.  Saturday night I got a message out of the blue from Robby saying Colby had called him from jail.  Praise God!  Turns out he had asked my sister (his mom) for the number again a few days before and she had kept it.  Colby was only allowed 3 mins on the call and no repeat calls to an unregistered number, but Robby gave him Jason’s contact from TC here in Kelowna and yesterday we were working on how they could connect and speak.  Waiting for something from Jason today, but God is working and things are finally on track!  God is GOOD! - Tania

Healed from Sinus Infection
I have been getting sinus infection after sinus infection and was diagnosed with chronic sinusitis. At the end of July, I started on yet another round of antibiotics. The sinus infection continued to get worse and I was sick to my stomach from the medication. On August 5th, Colleen and Pastor Diana prayed in agreement with me for the healing of my sinuses. I had stopped the antibiotics the night before. My sinuses still felt pretty stuffed up when I left church that day but the pain was gone. I continued to thank God and praise Him for my healing, even when it felt like it had gotten worse. I continued to rinse my sinuses as I tapered off the nose spray, but I did not take any more antibiotics. I had tried rinsing my sinuses before to clear the infection and it did not work. On August 15th my doctor confirmed that the sinus infection is gone and I was able to share my testimony with him about how Jesus healed me. Praise God! –Brenda

What a Deal on Furniture!
We went to buy the couch we had been wanting for a few months. Just that day, someone had returned one ‘just because’ and it was then discounted. It saved us almost $200. Joshua had a $100 gift card from work that we were also able to apply to the total. All in all we only paid $350 for a couch that was worth $650! - Candace

God is Good!
Two Sundays ago when the ‘God is Good’ cards was handed out I was in nursery and Lance made sure I had one. I proceeded to put it in my wallet and after church Jaxon & I went to get our haircuts and after having a good "appointed" chat with the hairdresser I really felt to bless him over and above his tip. I then remembered I had the ‘God is Good’ card so I paper clipped some cash to the card and gave a "Pentecostal hand shake" to Kyle (the hairdresser) and he looked at me and I said "God is good and he wanted to bless you."

We are blessed to be a blessing. Everyday is a blessing day!! - Jason

The Favour of God!
We were both scheduled to take part in a cardio rehab program which was supposed to cost $500 EACH! We didn't have that kind of money on hand, what with property taxes due, etc.

At church we have a little confession that we say. Part of it is “bills decreased, bills paid off.” Well, guess what! They decided that we didn't have to pay.  And it's not because we're seniors or anything like that. They just blessed us!

And we are loving the program. I guess it's not often that both husband and wife have a "heart event" and are enrolled in the program at the same time. They just love us there, and are so good to us. We know it's the Favour Of God (FOG) rolling in! Glory to God! – Ruth & Neil

We Won… Again!
At the first ‘Marriage Matters’ couples night our name was drawn for the grand prize of a (1) night hotel accommodations at a nice hotel here in Kelowna. Because we missed attending that night, we were NOT able to claim the prize as we needed to be present!. So sad!

On Friday, ‘Marriage Matters’ Part 2 was hosted and we attended. Right at the beginning, I told people we were going to win the grand prize (another 1 night stay at a hotel). Sure enough we did!... again! AND this time we were there to claim it! – Tania & Brian

Praying Works!
Marilyn had felt prompted to pray in her heavenly language before taking off driving. Shortly after an accident was diverted! Later that day there was another opportunity, where yet another accident was diverted! – Marilyn & Pauline

Money Keeps Coming!
We had made a decision that we would be debt free. Accumulating all the info needed to do this, we had a large money figure that we owed! Since we began just a few months ago, we have paid off 75% of debt off supernaturally, with money coming from so many unexpected places! – Adam

Being Led by the Holy Spirit
James wasn’t feeling well and we took him into the walk in clinic where the doctor diagnosed him as ‘nothing wrong’ …’his ears look fine…’ This diagnosis didn’t ‘sit’ right with me, as James was still in pain and fussy. So the next day I called my family doctor to make an appointment but there was NO availability. Another doctor was recommended and I went to see him. The office was quite a distance away, but I felt to go anyways. This doctor was very thorough and prescribed some antibiotics - James did have an infection. I thank God for doctors and the leading of God! James is his usual self again! - Jessica

New Position!
I received a promotion at work – something that I have wanted for some time. – Kirsten

Great Contract!
I received a great work contract! They liked my progress and told me that if this keeps up, it may be a more permanent position!  Shortly after this position became available, there has come yet another, an even better offer that I accepted!  Joe

I was in so much pain the last few days that I was concerned that the screws that were put into my ankle had shifted as they said may occur. On Thursday at Ladies Bible Study they prayed for me undenounced to me as I had taken myself to the emergency because the pain was intolerable! All X-rays were done and they couldn’t find anything wrong. After leaving the hospital the swelling subsided and the pain. Where I was not able to even walk on my foot the last week, now I can!! The doctor couldn’t even see where the breaks had been! - Tracy

A New Job!
Leah had an interview today...felt like it went well! She was considering it last week and it had filled but then was contacted that another position opened!  She found out later in the week that she got the job! She is really enjoying this new job! - Leah

Speedy Recovery
My Uncle had brain surgery and it went very well. He was out of the hospital in a week!  - Pauline

Made my Running Goal!
I went running Saturday and hit my goal! 5km in under 20 minutes - Clema

Money Comes Flying By!
While waiting for his MMA school to open on the very windy Monday afternoon of June 11th, Callum kept insisting on checking if the door was unlocked (Alea knew it wasn't, but finally relented, and said "go ahead".) When he came back to the van (because the door was locked) he had a $100 bill in his hand, which the wind blew from only God knows where, straight to Callum. 

Callum is a generous giver, and reaps a bountiful harvest always!  - Lance

Favour with Work in Town
Rob now has 3 days per week working at home instead of one! No longer does he have to drive every day to Penticton an hour away!

Money Comes
Received a $45 refund for the difference in price on an item which she had previously purchased, that later went on sale. - Colleen

Good Workers Return
Fernando (one of our part-time labourers) is returning to work full-time for the summer! We were also able to hire another carpenter, who has a variety of certifications for machine operation, safety training and first aid. All in a time when other trades say it is impossible to find people, we get the best workers right when we need them! - Lance

Corey got a job working for Dave’s Moving Company! - Lenore

The 2 – 5 Year Wait – Turns into a 2 Month Wait to Get into Housing
I am moving into affordable housing around September 2018!
I was told 2 months before there were 2-5 years wait. I had felt that I should give up my cats to the SPCA. They were both placed together in less than a week to an older couple - that was answered prayer!

I called one month later to the Society of Hope to tell them my cats found a home and the receptionist said I would qualify for the New Apple Valley 3 Residence because I had no pets. I can move into the 1 bedroom when construction is done. LESS than 2 weeks for paperwork done to be approved. Praise the Lord! - Joyce

Blessed with an Extra chair From a Random Lady Outside of Superstore
I had received one as bonus for spending allotted amount of money in groceries. The dilemma was should I take the blue or grey chair? A lady outside saw I had one chair and proceeded to say that she didn’t need one, and would I like one? Sure! Now I have two! And in each colour! - Cassandra

New Shoes!
This week, Diana & Jeanette were given shoes – new expensive ones! What lady doesn’t enjoy new shoes?!

Free Stuff!
I received a FREE basketball hoop – at a place we had done some work, the owner didn’t want the basketball hoop any longer. He asked if I wanted it? – I sure did! - Tom

A New Job!
Daniel got a job for the summer! - Lenore

FREE Bricks
I was blessed with FREE paving bricks and there were enough of them that I used to make a walkway in front of the house. Beautiful results! - Diana

An Unexpected Pay Increase!
I got a raise last week after 90 days at the new job! - Jason

Paid FAR OVER the Asking Price
Cass got paid far and above what she had asked for in a cake order for a customer - Cassandra

I Needed a Shed
I needed a 10x10 shed, and then had one provided… and then was later told that I didn't have to pay for it! - Lenore

98% Average In Computer Class
Daniel (the son formerly known as the non-academic one) got 98% in computer and got the highest technology award. - Lenore

Great Timing
The other day the weather was terrible and rainy. After a bit of debating, I decided we would go anyways. We started the paper route just as thunderstorm passed - Alea

Not too Old to Learn Something New!
At 75 years old, Bob went back to school for a new career that will keep him in town. He passed all the courses and He is NOW a driving instructor!!

Divine Appointment
My wife, Sarah and I were going to be very busy on Tuesday night because we both got off work later and I had to go off soon after to a meeting. Sarah asked what I was going to make for dinner and I said ‘macaroni and cheese’.

She said I don’t want macaroni and cheese!  She wanted McDonalds.  So we went through the drive thru and got McDonalds. 

Coming out, we just so happened to see a friend we knew. She seemed distressed. 

We stopped to see if she needed help.  It turned out her blood sugar levels were low at a 2 and about to go into a coma. We were able to help her.  Isn’t it great how by one small decision we can be led to help someone! - Jalon

One Blessing Turns into Another and Another!
I had my glass top patio table shatter during a storm when the umbrella in the table was ripped out.   That meant that I needed to buy a new table for the deck to replace that one. I looked around at different tables and as I did I had the thought that I did not want to buy the table from what regularly comes in financially into our household.  I prayed and asked the Lord to have the money come in from unexpected sources to pay for the table.

I had bought something about 2 weeks before and now it was on sale for $85 dollars less.

I went to the store with the receipt and the store gave me a $88 dollar refund!  That meant I had that amount towards my table.  I bought the table for $125 plus taxes; I felt to continue to stand in faith for the remaining $40 dollars.

The story continues…..I had to buy shoes for 2 weddings I would attend.  I found some shoes that were normally $80 dollars and were now on sale for $44.  I purchased them and then found out I had $30 from a points card I could have used.  I returned the shoes and used the points card to purchase them and only ended up paying $14.   There was another $30 for my table!   Only $10 more to go!  God is so good…stay tuned!...

And it continues…. I had my patio table break and had to buy another one.  I checked store etc and then Mike said why don’t you try Facebook Marketplace!   I had never checked it out as I really didn’t need anything.   As I was checking for a table I had the thought ‘Check for a cotton candy machine for our Community events’.   I typed it in and one came up.  The man was asking $500 and it had only been used once.  I checked into the brand and that was the value of a new one BUT the man was also including 18 containers of sugar that I pay $16 a piece for; a value of $288!

That meant that the machine was only $222 of the $500 asking price.  He also included bags and a tie machine and gloves.   The machine was in Grand Forks and the man brought it right to my! Being led by that still small voice is such a tremendous blessing!  - Colleen

Cup Full of Blessing!
Each time we go to see family and friends in Edmonton, I ask God what I should take.  Most often, it is material things, toys and treats for the children, lunches and dinners for family.  Of course always prayer and the joy of the Lord!

On the Sunday before we left this past time, I was in church and reminded God that I had not heard what to take.  He had me cup my hands and said I would be carrying a blessing...He would show me who

At Edmonton, I met a friend in a restaurant.  God sent me hurrying to her with my hands cupped.  I told her I had brought a blessing from God and cupped my hands around her head.  She fell into my arms weeping.  She had been waiting on God...glory!

Another person was a very backslidden niece.  I greeted her and told her God had sent a blessing for her and laid my hands on her.  She planted her feet firmly and closed her eyes.  Received from Him!! I never said a word after I told her “God is working it out”

I had blessings for 6 people in total, and to be honest I would have never in the natural prayed for any one of them by the laying on of hands.  God had to pull me out of what I usually would have done by sending me with the blessing!  These people will never be the same!! (me neither!!) As for the ones that I’m always reminding God about, we just laughed and enjoyed each other.  Obviously, Gods got that situation, but he needed an intercessor to the other 6.  Isn’t He good!!!!!!!! Linda

Answer to Prayer!
My cousins little boy is doing well after surgery! We prayed for this last time in Life Group! - Pauline

Lost but Then Found!
I had misplaced an item that I had ordered. I prayed and found the item within in minutes. - Clema

Free Babysitting!
We got 8hrs of free babysitting on Saturday! – Mike & Jess

Stomach Issue Gone!
One Sunday after praise and worship Pastor Diana stood up front and said, ‘there is an anointing here for stomach problems!’ I went up front and she ministered to me; I was instantly healed.  Ron

Good Clients!
One thing I pray for is to continually have good clients. I am blessed with VERY good clients. - Pauline

Continued Work!
We had prayed to have more work through our own business. Tom continues to have good jobs through Integrity Pest Control. He continues to have favour with his other job to accommodate it. – Rene

Divine Appointments
I went donkey shopping with my sister-n-law who is looking to purchase the animals for their acreage in Prince George. We viewed a herd of donkeys in Princeton and spent a couple of hours with the owners. The lady, Joanne, opened up sharing about some issues with her family and physical issues. I was able to encourage her and also pray for her. I thank God we were able to meet! - Diana

It Pays to Listen to the Holy Spirit!
Stephen wanted to go to Tim Horton’s so we went, ordering through the drive through. After exiting, I felt to hesitant and stopped at the Dollar Store in the area and thought, “I feel like I need something, but what?” turns out that even after leaving the Dollar store and stopping in front of Shoppers Drug Mart and asking the same question… there was nothing I needed! We proceeded to leave and Stephen gets out the food we had ordered from Tim Hortons… part of our order missing!

It was a good thing we hadn’t left the parking lot and could return to get the remaining items that were missed in our order!!! - Lenore

The Storm Stopped!
Nicole, Cass, David, Kim & Jaxon prayed for the wind to stop and for the rain to come to help with the fires...and the wind stopped here in Glenrosa!! - Jason

Knee Healed!
Lindsay had prayed for me one night for my knee to stop hurting and be healed. I noticed the next morning – no more pain! It hasn’t bothered me since! - Colleen

Favour with the Landlord!
My son Rob, got the Landlord’s OK to stay in our apartment after I leave. He is allowed to have a new tenant to share the rent with him. Their original policy was for both to leave if one tenant does; but we had favour! I am expecting great things for both of us!  - Joyce S

Favour With a Hotel Upgrade!
We had booked a local Hotel Room with whom we normally deal with for our guest speakers. It turned out if wasn’t up to the standards we usually receive.

So… we ASKED if they could move our guest, the following day to another room. We ended up receiving a room that was regularly $350 for $134!

First they said we would have to pay a $50 charge for the upgrade… we ended up NOT HAVING TOO pay anything extra! PTL! Favour!!!

Where is the blood coming from?
Bob Gaida – had to have some scope tests done on Wednesday as he has been in and out of emergency because of urinary tract infections. The doctor found NOTHING! Where is the blood coming from? The Dr. said… ‘don’t know but its not there now!.”

We are standing with them that the root cause is taken care of in the NAME of JESUS!! He is healed and whole and his entire body in PEACE!

Praise the Lord!
Praise the Lord for travel safeties to Manitoba and a good time there! – Pauline

Unexpected Money!
A very distant old school friend contacted me and wanted to stop by because she had ‘something’ for us. I thought to myself, its probably a toy for Anthony or something like that.

It ended up that she came and handed me an envelope with a cheque for $2500 with a note saying… ‘from God’. She said they put money aside every month and ask God where they should sow it. WOW!! PTL! What a blessing that was to our family to receive! - Lindsay

I had one lady walk up to me at the Easter event who was dealing with a certain issue. She was looking for a scripture and didn’t know how to find it. I was able to find it for her! – she was SO thankful as she has been in turmoil over it for a month or so. Sometimes we think something so small is insignificant… BUT God cares! - Diana

Free Stuff!
We were in Superstore and received some free containers! – Lance & Alea

Jobs Keep Coming In!
I was granted a great contract that I wanted. Also the man we be able to hire a young man I prayed with at the Easter event. Work keeps coming in! - Lance

Favour Fundraising
Alexis had a great first month of fundraising for Disneyland dance trip, raising almost 1/3 of the required finances required. - Alea

A Desire Fulfilled!
I was able to attend the ‘Collingsworth Family’ Singers on Monday! I’ve always wanted to see them live! - Jessica

They Won!... again!
My sisters kids won the bike at the Easter event! At one of the other last events they won tablet! - Pauline

Found solution to a small health issue that I’ve been dealing with since last fall! - Leah

Work Keeps Coming!
And… Work continual keeps coming in! - Michael

I got on 3 bidders list! – Colton

I Won!
She won tickets for the ‘Okanagan Eats Food Show’, which she was already planning on attending! - Alea

Found a way to produce some components for a supply and install portion of a project, making it significantly more profitable! - Lance

What a ‘God’ Deal!
Eric bought $60 shorts on clearance for $1, and was able bless his roommate with a similar pair, properly sized, also $1! They were the only 2 pairs there! - Erik

Job Falls into my Lap!
One of my clients asked me if I would like to work for her (she sets up show homes). Basically I do need more work and she accommodates what hours work for me around my hairstylist job. A second job fell into my lap with no effort on my part! - Elya

A New Job!
Sevli got a job this week close to home. Praise the Lord!!! - Joyce

Tickets Paid in Full!
We have a wedding to go to in Florida this summer and our plane tickets were paid in full by a family member! PTL!- Jessica

Our Land Makes Money for Us!
“Our land makes money for us!” That has been something that we declare over our acreage. We were approached by a landscaping company if we would house 2 storage containers for a fixed fee payable to us on a monthly basis– PTL! That’s an added amount of $ for us each month! - Diana

‘On Top’ of Things!
At the accounting firm where I work, we were so ‘on top’ of things for tax filing, that I didn’t even have to work extra hours like usual, the last few days,  before the April 30th deadline! – Kirsten

It’s Found!
I got my phone back after I lost it Thursday afternoon! (A few days went by)
Also, I was asking my supervisor if I could get time off for the ladies Refresh Conference. Even though it is/was busy at the hotel, and I am the only full time laundry person working days, she gave me 3 days vacation time anyways! That’s favour! - Myriam

Healing Progress!
Anthony got all of his ‘lines’ out after having one of them for 18 months. Praise God! - Adam

Unexpected Money!
Somebody gave me a ‘Pentecostal’ handshake and I have some money I wasn’t expecting! - Jessica

Blessings! Hotel/Car/Fuel!
I have to be in Vancouver for a ½ hour appointment on Friday of the May long weekend.  Colleen and I decided to take a bit of a vacation for 4 nights for some time away.  We booked for the 4 nights and then my boss came to me and said that they would cover the cost of all 4 nights!   Also, I can take the company car and they will cover fuel as well.  To top if all off someone gave us $200 specifically for our weekend away! - Rob

More Unexpected Money!
I went to Parable Christian Bookstore and I thought I should check what was in my account. When I checked there was way more money than there should have been.  It said ‘tax return’. I knew that between myself and Adam we were going to get around $200 total.  I called Adam and told him and said I was going to call CRA as they must have made a mistake!   Adam checked his bank account then and there was a large ‘tax return’ deposit in his as well.   I was freaking out a bit but Adam said let me call our accountant before you do anything.  He called and our accountant was able to apply some items to other years hence a much larger than anticipated return!  -  Lindsay

The Blind See!
I was at my mom’s Home Group just recently and we prayed for a teenage boy who was almost completely blind.  We prayed for him and he is seeing more and more every day!  - Pauline

Hand - Healed!
At our church, one lady had a withered hand and she was prayed for. She was healed! - Laurie

Everything is Alright!
My son was home and I was going around the house doing things here and there.  After a while I realized I hadn’t heard my son for a while and he was just in the other room.  He was choking on a candy he had eaten.  I applied the Heimlich move and prayed and it finally came out. I was so thankful that I wasn’t far away.  God is always making arrangements that ALL is taken care of! - Angelina

Lydia Ministries- Ireland Trip:
People from that are responding saying they feel they have moved up to a new level spiritually. - Joan

More Favour with Work!
I was awarded yet another new contract - Lance

Great Flight Prices!
I was able to get great flight prices for our trip to LA in December - Alea

Enough With a Bit Extra!
Our taxes are taken care of... AND some extra money came in! – Jason & Leah

More Work!
More work keeps coming in! Praise God for private clients and better income! – Pauline

Job Opportunities!
Lots of job opportunities now and we were able to get our Pesticide truck back! – Tom

Extra Time Off!
I was granted an extra holiday PLUS some extra days off! - Kim

Less Medication!
My blood pressure has been very good and I am NOW taking less medication. - Dave

I Received a Desire of My Heart!
I have desired to have my hair coloured and cut but the cost was keeping me from booking an appointment. I was able to trade making a special cake for a client in return for colour/cut of my hair! That is a huge savings for me! - Cass

New to Me! …& it’s FREE!
We were given a king size excellent condition mattress! – Jessica

Lost Sunglasses BUT Now Found!
On our recent trip to Vancouver I had lost my sunglasses while shopping. I realized it and decided that I wanted them back – not just let it go (even though I have more sunglasses at home). I just asked God to help me find them – and He did! We had retraced our steps, found nothing… called a couple of stores we had been in – AND… the sunglasses were left in one of them! God cares about the littlest details of our lives! He is Good! - Colleen

It Was Relaxing!
Usually with taking a bunch of teenagers to a conference it gets wild/crazy! I went to History Makers as a leader, and it was actually relaxing! - Clema

Fun Family Vacation!
I am so thankful we were able to go on a family vacation. It was great! - Kirsten

Delayed for a Time – Now Received!
I received a text from my Mom who lives in Japan that she had mailed a letter to me over a month ago. Usually mail from Japan arrives in a week or so, but I had not received it. My mom said that there were some important items enclosed in the envelope. I took authority over it and prayed that it would get to me soon. Every time I was tempted to think the letter had been lost or stolen, I said, “Jesus, you know where it is and you can get it to me.” After several days it arrived. When I texted my Mom to let her know, she was just about to go to the post office to enquire about it. It arrived just in time! - Chika

Every Day a Blessing Day!
I got another "Spiff" at work for selling 48 units of the same product and now I am getting a big bonus! Every day a blessing day!! - Jason

Money Found!
Tom found a $25 gift card and the store said, he can keep it. They would just issue the owner another one if they come back looking for it. - Tom

What a Deal!
I went shopping for flowers to plant and I added up the total in my head that it would be roughly $40. When I paid for them the total came to $6.70, I thought I misheard her and she confirmed it was $6.70 and that it was just for me. Praise the Lord for favor! - Nicole

God Gets the Glory for Turning the Impossible Situation into a Miracle Testimony! *(Day before ladies Refresh Conference was to begin)
I was finishing up packing on Wednesday night, had everything ready to go, and my husband reminds me to grab my passport! A rush came over me because in that moment, I realized and remembered that it was expired!

I quickly text Pastor Diana because I was scheduled to leave for Canada in less than 8 hours.

I had a decision to make at that moment... I could get in faith for a God solution, or I could give up and say..."I guess I'm not going...". It was super tempting to want to quit, because leading up to this, there were already a whole host of things that came up conflicting with the schedule for me to go, the unexpected costs of the passport, plus most every resource we had looked at said..."minimum 24 hour turn around." In talking with Pastor Diana, she encouraged us to call a 24 hr hotline, so we did but the office we needed to ask the questions wasn't available from midnight to 8am. At that time, she was also able to cancel the scheduled flight for Thursday without a fee as long as it was rebooked within 24hrs.

Being in the Dallas/Ft Worth area, there was a government agency that could do passport renewal in person but would require an appointment. So at 8am, we called the department and scheduled a meeting at 11am. During this time, I had to have a new flight booked, an invite letter, a new passport picture, a scheduled trip itinerary and cash upfront for processing. It just so "happened" that that day was our only severe weather advisory to date for this year and the airport had been delaying flights all morning- ha! I had to make about a 30 mile commute downtown and was able to make it to my apt with no trouble. (Before the appointment, I was able to drop off all kids and husband and get a passport picture taken at a local drug store where the camera hadn’t been working – but I said to the man, ‘it has to work!’ IT DID! And I was on my way in 5 minutes).

When I arrived at the passport office, I had EVERYTHING in place and the people helping me were more than kind! I got up to the counter and I noticed that the lady "expedited" my paperwork and scheduled me to pick up my passport within 4 hours. At 2.20pm, less than 4 hours after my apt, I had my passport in hand with paying a little over the normal cost of renewal.

I was able to jump on the flight and make it to Kelowna for the conference that following morning. I was a bit disappointed that I was missing the prayer meeting on Friday morning, but the Lord enabled some of us to get to pray together before I left on Sunday evening.

This whole event really was strategic for me in yielding to the fight to do what God asked me to do and trusting Him to make it happen! Since day one of this opportunity, I had such a "yes!" to go. I could've easily yielded to "I guess you're not supposed to go..." or stick with peace and do what God asked me to do. It seemed impossible, but with God, all things are possible according to His will. It was necessary for me to go and it was an honor to say YES! And see Him get honored thru having FAITH in what He said to do!

I've learned that peace and favor surrounds obedience and God will make a way when I take time to hear His will. What could have been easy to just "cancel", became a pivotal story that will forever mark me! Nothing makes me happier that doing what He's asked me to do and being with the people He's laid on my heart!

Thank you for the opportunity!!!  💛, Kae

Costs Covered!
We had a wonderful time touring Europe. We were blessed so many times with people covering our costs! – Tania

Ashton was prayed for at Life Groups on Friday night for a severe pain he has had in the center area of his chest. The doctor even diagnosed it is some rare form of disease that affects the sternum usually occurring in older patients. Well, he has had no pain since Friday! He is running, jumping, playing, bouncing on the trampoline whereas before Friday, he wouldn’t and would even wake up in the middle of the night in pain! No more! – Rene’

No Fear!
Anthony went to the intro play day for his new school in September. He was SO excited about going that he didn’t even mind leaving me. The guy who has been so attached to me these last few months, actually is anticipating and counting the days for school beginning in September! – Lindsay


God Knows Even Ahead of Time What is Needed!
A week ago we moved the two small freezers we have in our garage to a different wall. For ‘some’ reason I checked the freezers a couple of times throughout the week to ensure they were keeping the frozen temperature. (Not sure why, as I usually don’t ‘check freezers on a regular basis!)

Yesterday I was placing some meat into the freezer and decided to check the 2nd freezer. It wasn’t on! I managed to ‘save’ all the items as they weren’t thoroughly unthawed!  Thank God for getting me to check ahead of time! Not one thing was lost! – Diana

I’m Not Having That!
I twisted my ankle on Sunday and could feel some pain. I refused to allow the pain to dominate and kept speaking to my ankle to come in order! It is perfectly fine today with no pain, and no swelling!! – Caroline