Testimony Blog

We believe that through the power of our testimonies, we will overcome. This is a place to share how good God has been to us, and to encourage you in your walk with Christ!

October - December 2018

First of all, THANK YOU, again, for your very generous help toward the translation projects. We're excited to have an online projects page that will allow people to give toward specific titles that we are still working on, too. The link to that page is: https://gcinternational.org/connect/projects/  Your giving has helped us be able to mark some projects, ‘COMPLETED’ …so again...THANK YOU!

We also have a new website – please check it out! https://gcinternational.org/ - Gary Crowl

CHINESE – English in the Schools – TAIPEI (with Michelle Liu)
Every week we go into secular schools and present them with a short ‘English’ lesson followed by a Christian sharing a short testimony of God’s goodness in their lives.

In the weeks of OCT 15th – NOV 9th there were 3547 students reached in 17 schools! For the next few weeks, right through to Christmas, thousands of children in the High Schools are hearing about God’s love and goodness!

*Please keep praying for Michelle and her team as they continue to gain favour in the schools and have easy entrance to even more schools!

Colton and I were blessed with Basketball tickets in Vancouver! - Michael

There was a lockdown at work because of some threats to the office, but they were taken care of and protected from any incidents.- Leia

We were blessed with holidays for a road trip down the Oregon CoastALL accommodations & travel expenses were paid for - as well as spending money was given to us! - Jason & Cassandra

We get to get an all expense paid weeklong holiday to Disney World! 
Any child diagnosed and treated with a major illness at Children’s Hospital gets a ‘Wish’.  We picked Disney World in Florida and we go on November 10 to 17th this year.  EVERYTHING is paid for! Hotel, flights, food, theme parks including Lego Land, Sea World etc.  We also will be moved to the front of every line up for every ride or exhibit.   On top of all that… some random family gave us $500 to spend while we are in Florida.

Even though this is the same time frame that Anthony was first diagnosed - we get to ‘celebrate’ what God has done instead of remember what we went thru!  -

Spending money keeps coming in everyday for our trip.  Yesterday a BIG bag of US coins came so I will try to pay for everything with exact change lol.   We found out that at the resort with are staying in we have a suite with separate bedrooms for us and the kids, which makes it a REAL holiday.  As well, everything is covered at the resort-there is even an ice cream parlour we can go to at any time we want. - Lindsay & Adam

My aunt, who was estranged from our family for more than 25 years, recently passed away. My brother ended up being executor and along with my mom, dad, and sister had to go to Edmonton to deal with the house and estate.  My brother called up the other day saying he had shipped a truckload of stuff that included; tools (Snap On still in the package-50 ratchets, 35 hammers etc), fishing rods, hunting knives, rifle scopes….and more tools!  He said he was having a ‘Garage Sale’ for all the guys; everything free for them to go through.  This is not my Praise Report but Mike says it is his!

2.    My mom got all the jewellery from my aunt who died.  She loved rings.  My mom brought them all to our thanksgiving celebration and allowed all of us girls in the family to pick one.  Such a blessing!

3.    Another praise report of my aunt passing away is that it has made my parents who I have not been really close over the years to maybe re-evaluate some things.  My dad came up to me numerous times on thanksgiving to tell me ‘You know I really love you’.   And my mom was emotional (very unlike her) to see us all together.  They both hugged the kids…something they don’t do!  God will take that which was meant for bad and bring something good out of it! - Colleen

Our main person that helps with catering is leaving so we felt to sow into others
. Adam was just involved in a fundraiser for the Food Bank involving 8 (plus sous chefs) other chefs in the city. He decided that he would have with him items that the other chefs might not have for them to use that day.  He also wanted to be able to help the other chefs in whatever way he could in prepping their food. 

I felt to buy 25 Bacon Cheese burgers (Wendy’s) for them as they forget to eat when they are busy.  At this fund raiser Adam had many of the chefs approach him and say ‘If you need any help with catering, I would love to help you’. God is good!  - Lindsay

We needed to buy a new baby carrier and I was looking at 2 different ones that were more expensive ones.  I had contacted people to get their opinion on the baby carriers, so I could get the best one. Then my sister in law’s sister said that she had one of the carriers and she would give it to me for nothing! - Kirsten

I was just down at the BB Autumn Prayer Assembly this last week or so.  After boarding in Kelowna for my first flight I realized I had left my hoodie (the only coat I had brought with me) in the airport.  While I was at the conference, someone had given me this ugly coat and I wore it for a a day or 2.  Then a lady came up to me and gave me a nice ‘Prayer Mtn in the Ozarks’ jean jacket.  She said the Lord had told her to bring it with her to the conference. The Lord then told her to give it to me. No one had told her that I needed a coat. - Clema

Inventory is always the same weekend as Jaxon’s birthday. Typically, I get done early on Saturday or not have to come in for Saturday so I can help out and spend time with Jaxon at his party. This year’s inventory was not going well and it looked like I wouldn’t be able to help or even be back in time for his party but instead of complaining or getting discouraged like others were as they had to work the Saturday as well I just kept my mouth shut and kept a positive attitude and worked hard as I knew God always has a plan and it is good. Bottom line I was told I could go home at 11:30 to spend time with my son while others had to stay longer...and that is the FAVOUR OF GOD!  - Jason

A couple of Sundays ago, Lindsay started singing on the Praise and Worship team on Sunday morning services.  As I stood in the service, I looked over at her with her arms raised and eyes closed as she sang to the Lord.  It caused me to cry as I saw it as the ‘final’ thing to happen for our family to be back to normal after what the devil had tried to do through Anthony with the cancer.  It was a kick in the teeth to the devil to declare that ‘she (and all the family) would not be turned away from what God had called her to do’.  God is doing a FINISHED work in Anthony and the whole family!  - Colleen

Anthony had to have his 3 month physical – ALL levels are normal!!! - Lindsay

We were given 2 Spa passes to a beautiful Retreat Center just outside of Branson. It included 90 minutes of massage and the entrance to their sauna and mineral pool. We SO enjoyed it! – Diana

I keep receiving MORE – very good - work contracts from with specific builder - Colton

I received a raise and promotion, good deals, given money, free sibling labor, extra jobs, and extra money - Davina

1.  The other Sunday somebody gave me a ‘Pentecostal’ handshake - Michael
2.  I received some extra fun money - Kirsten

We were on a great HUNTING TRIP!!! Good fellowship time and also each of us brought a deer home! – Michael, Colton, Jason & Clema

Over the last few months I’d been feeling like the muscles in my lower back were tight. I was applying heat to help with that.  Turns out it was not muscular, it was skeletal and heat was aggravating. I was also training at the time for my first power lifting competition.  For a few weeks before the competition day, I was having very inconsistent lifting days and not happy about it and then 2 Mondays ago after taking the weight bar off my shoulders, 3 vertebra in my low back jammed.  That also pulled out a few ribs and my neck as everything is connected. I remembered Pastor Diana’s sermon on how when we need to listen to that little voice and not ignore it.  I contacted the competition people and took myself off the list, then made a chiro appointment, which resulted in 2 more that week and one the following week.  I increased supplements, stretched, used ice NO HEAT, and did not go to the gym the rest of that week.  I had also prayed over myself thanking God that I am whole healthy and strong, that all my vertebra are perfectly aligned and my muscles are strong, yet supple and flexible with no restrictions.  Wednesday afternoon was pretty good and feeling a lot better.  

Chiro on Thursday again and then Friday I was not feeling good at all, including a headache which I never get. I was getting a little upset because it was worse than on Wednesday and thought about booking another appointment for that day but then stopped and remembered what I had prayed over myself and stood on that saying “No I will not let this come onto my body, I am healed in Jesus’ name!”  I kept saying that throughout the day and started to feel a little better Friday night and Saturday was better again.  Headache was still there and so I keep standing on what I had said, repeated it out loud a few times and in my head whenever it came to mind and by Sunday I felt a LOT better!  Monday morning I was back in the gym and have continued to go.  Monday when I had my last chiropractor appointment, mobility was SO much better and I don’t have to go back for a month!  Praise God!  - Tania

A couple that has been supporting me with money and bottles for my dance fundraiser, Mom had them over for tea to thank them for all their help.  The couple gave her a card full of $5 US bills that came to $100 US!  I wanted to thank them and they ended up giving me more. God is Faithful! - Alexis

I got another condo contract... I had put in a tender in a year ago for on behalf of someone else and that person was not awarded it.  The company I had submitted the tender to a year ago came to me and I got the job. - Lance

We were needing a new project manager and he is coming tomorrow!!! - Rob

The Okanagan College is cooking ALL of the turkeys, making the stuffing and gravy for the Christmas Day Dinner! - Colleen

The other night when I was watching TV, my ankle felt cold so I bent down to straighten out my leg warmer and it wasn’t there. (I typically wear leg warmers whether they are in style or not!) I started looking throughout the house and even asked the boys if they had seen it. When the initial search yielded nothing, I intensified it. After quite awhile of thoroughly looking in every room, I gave up. I resumed watching my program where I had left off. Then, without warning, I ‘saw’ myself sitting in the front seat of my car on the passenger side. Since it was a very realistic ‘day dream’, I got my car keys and went outside. When I opened the passenger door, there was my leg warmer sitting neatly folded on the seat. I was amazed. It wasn’t so much the fact that I found the item I was looking for, it was the ‘seeing in the spirit’ that was so exciting. - Lenore

Days have gone by and Jaxon wanted his puppy, they had looked for it and no success in finding it.
Thursday morning he had to find it. He destroyed his room looking for it. I went to my room and I sensed that Holy Spirit, told me to pray with Jaxon. I was going to do it after I finished what I was doing, but it came up in me again go pray with Jaxon now. So I stopped what I was doing and told him to come here. I took Jaxon’s hands and prayed that Jesus knew where it was and we just had to ask Him. When we were done Jaxon sat down right in front of me and said, ”I will wait right here.” I smiled when he said after about maybe 2 min, ‘why is this taking so long,’ and I said ”this takes time, we have to wait till He tells someone where it is,” thinking to myself, this could be awhile and might not even be in the house! Jaxon got up and said” I will wait in the living room ” oh my this could be a while, it was around another 2 min I was back in my room and I could hear some commotion. I got up went to see and my eyes saw the puppy! I was in shock and in awe of our heavenly Father what He did! This is Jaxon’s praise report but also mine. I had just looked at the time and thought, ‘it can't be now - you have to wait.’ I see I was wrong - as faith is NOW! There is alot to learn from this praise report!!” - Nicole

Her shoulder/neck is healed and she can move it side to side with no issues now (She wasn’t able to do this before without moving her entire body)...dousing in healing teaching & scriptures from Kenneth Hagin helped for sure! - Jeanette

She couldn’t find her movie tickets that she had put away for another time that was convenient to go – She was ready to use them, but couldn’t find them! Then she thought – ‘I should pray!’ she prayed and then found them instantly. - Elya

He called to check up on a job with the Native Band and they weren’t ready for that one BUT there was another job that he could do RIGHT NOW. Work keeps coming in PTL! - Tom

My surgery that I am to have has now been postponed 2 times- I was at the hospital both times waiting to go in and it was postponed!  My Doctor has now booked my appointment and it is for the first slot of the day!  She is also gave me 2 free prescriptions. Surgery is DONE as of Dec 19th – ALL IS WELL! - Alea

I had an opportunity to go to Hawaii with my daughter for a week.  She has a time share there so accommodation was covered. We travelled Dec 11 to 19th.  I needed the finances to come in for the flights and they did! We had a wonderful time!  

Another praise report is that my hair is growing back! I have had issues of much hair loss – but it is coming back! - Caroline

I get to go to Edmonton and house sit 3 dogs and 5 cats for three weeks. This means I get to visit with lots of people AND shop at West Edmonton Mall! Whenever I go to the mall, I get to talk to different people and get to bring Jesus into the conversations.  - Linda G

Bob had surgery recently and it went really well. He was the first guy in and home by 11:30. The hospital here in Kelowna has such a caring environment. There are such great people who work there. Never take for granted how good the hospital here is.  - Linda G.

I had to run around the other day before and after a meeting I had, and everywhere I went I got great deals-a big discount, points that valued $38 and more.  We have been confessing a Jerry Savelle phrase “Ever Day a Blessing Day’…..  and its working! - Cass

I was prayed for on a Sunday for eyes that were burning and a couple of days later I noticed I was healed.  - Chika

In our Victory Life devotional, the scripture referred to Mark 11 and it mentions ‘saying’ 3 times. That caught my attention and I had the thought that maybe I should say what I believe for out loud.  As the company I am a part of was having a conference in Brazil, I had thought I would like to have a team from Brazil be a part of my organization.  I declared I had a team in Brazil. Twenty four hours later a gentleman from my team who was at the conference in Brazil called me up to tell me that we now have a team from Brazil as a part of our organization!  - Tania

We were blessed by being given a stroller that fits two children that has a value of over $1500! - Jess

I have been going to the Rutland IGA off and on for many years.  I always ask questions and talk to the tellers there.  One particular lady and I have talked more and I know important things about her life and circumstances.  I went in the other day after not going in for a couple of months and this particular lady was my teller.  She got to telling me about how she was 70 years old and still working because she couldn’t make ends meet on just her pension.  She then told me she was just returning to work after having a third mini stroke.  She said that physically she was good (she keeps active) but her mind was not always doing what she wanted!  I just felt to share with her about Caroline Leaf, a Christian Doctor who talked about how amazing the brain was and that it could create new pathways.  I told her that it wasn’t over yet and that I would pray for her.  She looked at me with a big smile on her face and told me how glad she was that I had come in today and thanked me.  As I left, I realized that there were 5 other people in the line up behind me that heard everything!  This is what we are here for!  - Colleen

The other day, I went shopping for some much needed groceries. My intention was to redeem points from my Optimum points account. I purchased a total of $130.09 amount of groceries. After redeeming my points, all I had to pay was a total of $0.09 cents. I love this kind of shopping and this was the lowest amount of money I have ever spent on groceries! I am so happy! - Myriam

-Just a note of thanks for a fun filled and joy filled night. Very refreshing – Simple and Profound! All my guests were blessed! – Dianne

-The Ladies Gala was so good. I invited 6 friends to the Gala and ALL 6 of them won prizes! My one friend who came to both ‘Hi God It’s Me’ and the ‘Christmas Gala’ has been ‘lighter’ in her demeanor and spirit since she came to our ladies events. – Lindsay

Praise God for enough manpower!  I was trying to work with the teams I had and the jobs that needed to get done. As I talked it out; God worked things out -one after another and it all fell into place! - Lance

I took on newspaper routes for people who needed them covered; whether they were on holidays or ill. The Courier was so grateful for the extra work she has done, that to thank her they gave her two free Rockets tickets.  - Alea

Just went and bought some probiotics and the guy gave me 50 percent off. It was already 25 percent but he added another 25. So blessed! - Lance B

My daughter’s friend has been having a lot of eye problems
. She was coming over for a play date and the Lord told me to lay hands on and pray for her. So I get home and kinda forget and go and start playing my Facebook game. About 5 minutes in the Lord reminded me to go pray for her. I kinda brushed it off and then a few minutes later my game would not work. All the other internet stuff was working so I figured now would be a good time to go pray for her lol. So I did, come back and my game "all of a sudden " started working again!! Obedience is the key. Lol   - Lance B   

We had one of our chefs leave Relvas Catering as she is planning on moving out of town. This meant we needed to hire another Chef to help with the restaurant and catering.  We wanted to bring in a new chef who was invested in the business.  We hired a chef and within the first week of working for us, he went out and spent $300 of his own money to help with storage in the kitchen and make it more efficient.  The new Chef Chris is well liked by all the other chefs and has been a great blessing. - Lindsay & Adam

Dee found out recently she would have to move as the place she was renting was being sold. After a couple of weeks of looking she found an apartment on Sherwood for a very good rental rate! - Dee

I was overly blessed for my 30th Birthday. - Alea

I went shopping the other day to find 4 matching outfits for all the kids  - and it was very easy. - Alea

I want to thank you for praying for my trip to Austria for Lydia. The Lydia ladies are a great bunch. We were able to pray for nations in Europe. I was treated like queen by all. I was asked to teach’ word of faith’ cause they had heard me talking faith. It was like a new day for Lydia.  - Joan

My cell phone bill was reduced by $30 a month! - Chika

We had a government debt reduced by $5400!! - Rene

In Men’s bible study we were encouraged to write down some scriptures and confess them daily. I said what I was believing for and I got a job.  - Bob

My praise report is that Dollar Tree has everything at $1.25! lol. I was at the till buying items for the Christmas Day Dinner and got talking to the lady behind me in the line up.  I told her what Victory Life does at the Christmas Day Dinner and the many items I was buying was for this FREE dinner.  She agreed that Christmas was about our belief’s and generosity in giving to others. The other people in the line up heard us talking too. - Diana

This praise report has many levels, all getting better and better and all to do with my cell phone.  Last week I ended up going over my data on my phone as the wii ended up being turned off and I got a text from Bell saying I’d reached 90% . When I called they said they could add an extra 2GB on for just $5 rather than the $30 it would be to change the plan, and as I didn’t want to change the plan it worked out great.  About a week later, I got a text from them saying that I had used up that data and they were going to charge me $50!  I immediately called to ask what was up as I couldn’t have used up that much so quickly nor had I received any warning text as per our plan.  They responded that I should have received a warning but since I didn’t they would just add on one more GB to cover until the monthly date in 2 days came and the plan would reset to our original data, etc.  Great!  So then Brian went to Costco to check on new phones as the storage on mine was, he felt, no longer adequate.  In the end, I ended up getting a new iPhone XR, with 128GB storage (was 36GB before), we now share 10GB data whereas we shared 4GB before and the monthly cost is substantially less AND for the $1100 phone we only paid $69!  - Tania

I needed some new glasses and I usually get them at a certain place – but the sale was over – so I thought.
I went in talking to the lady at the counter and she said there was 1 day left in the sale! – I did get my glasses for 40% off - Rene

My work had pool noodles (about 60) left over from a promotion and ask if I wanted them for my church
. I thought about for split second and said yes please. They will be used for different KidZone games & events. That’s the favour of God! - Jason

BONUS unrelated to CHRISTMAS!
My work had a promo going for a certain product and I was number 4 in Canada for sales which means I’m getting $185 bonus just before Christmas. Everyday is a blessing day! - Jason

I saw an add for soaps in the mall but the sale ended the day before we were going shopping so Mom said, ‘in Jesus Name’ we will get a better deal
. I honestly doubted for a split second how and why they would do a second sale right after Black Friday - but I knew enough not to speak that out!

We went shopping and mom saw a sign that was left up from the sale the day before, with the sale price we wanted! The store honoured it! Alea also reminded us of a coupon to get an extra $10 off our bill, so we not only got the 6 for $22 sale but we got an additional $10 off! The favour of God is on us and goes before us!  - Cassandra & Nicole

I got a great new apartment and an excellent Land Lord and Manager!  I am grateful for my cousin coming from Salmon Arm for a day and a half to help me move!  - Dee

I had ruined one of my tires so I asked my sister if I could borrow some money to buy one. My sister and brother-in-law decided they wanted me to have brand new winter tires and gave me $700 to buy them.
I shopped around and after purchasing the tires and installing them I still had $226 left over. They told me to put that towards the repairs on the front end of my car. After having a mechanic look at the vehicle I decided that I couldn’t afford to get the repairs done right away so I sent the money back to my sister. 

I prayed about it and I asked God for expediency since my adopted mom needs me to drive her places. Within a week I had the $226 back +380 that my girlfriend insisted on lending me. Not one but three mechanics to choose from who would charge me very little. Plus I was given freelance work that I can do at home on my own time for a little extra money.  - Brenda

Last Friday I attended the citywide Outreach Luncheon. After the prayer of Salvation, I was watching to see if anyone put up their hand. I would then present them with a Gideon Bible and a Welcome booklet. I saw one lady raise her hand and as I made my way over to her table, she got up and left the room. I thought she must have gone to the washroom so I waited for a few minutes. When a long time had passed and she hadn’t returned, I went over to the table she had been sitting at and asked about her. I was told that she was one of the kitchen helpers. I then went into the kitchen to talk to her and she told me her best friend was the head caterer and she wanted to volunteer as well. She had snuck in during the message and subsequently got saved!

It reminded me of a story Jesse Duplantis told about speaking at a ministers' conference. They were in a hotel room and after he finished, he was going to pray for the food. He felt the Lord say, “Lead them in a salvation prayer.” Jesse thought that was so odd because he knew all of the attendees were saved. When they opened their eyes, he asked if anyone had prayed that for the first time. 6 people at the back raised their hands. They were all hotel employees serving the meal. - Lenore

A few years ago we got a ‘new to us’ car that was in near perfect condition and within a day of owning it the hood was creased (ask me to find out how lol).  Recently Pastor Dieter  shared  at Teen Challenge and happened to notice our same vehicle in their yard that wasn’t running BUT it had a perfect hood in the same colour as ours.  We get it for free!

We were also blessed with a new TV bigger than ours that we currently have.  Someone blessed us with unexpected money!  Lastly, I was told about a month ago that I was on the line for Gestational Diabetes.  I refused to take insulin and watched my food intake.  I have tested my blood everyday and it is fine without insulin or medication. PRAISE GOD!  - Jessica

My blood pressure has been high for years but recently when I went to the Doctor, it was normal. - Chika

The JOY (Just Older Youth) luncheon recently was just wonderful! What a blessing!  - Caroline

Just like our tithe confession at church!
I was given a substantial Christmas bonus from work! - Rob

I got a different car and in the contract, it said that winter tires on rims were included BUT I never got them. I contacted the salesperson and he bought me new tires on rims. - Anna

Business doubled from 2016 to 2017 and 2017 to 2018. Glory to God! On reviewing upcoming prospects, looks like business will double again in 2019! Double Take is doubling! Praise the Lord! - Lance V

Two weeks ago at Ladies Bible Study, Chika prayed for my stomach and digestive system as it had been very upset since our trip to Disney World.  Immediately after I noticed I was healed! - Lindsay

When I went into the Doctor to get checked out regarding my stomach he gave me FREE enzymes to take. - Chika

For Christmas, there were still a couple of extra things I wanted to get the kids and I prayed and believed for a certain amount.  I was blessed with a cheque for 4 times that amount! - Lindsay

I work at Home Sense.At work it is part time unless you’re a supervisor; so hours are up and down.I need a certain number of hours to live on.Now comes the testimony……I was reading the Faith Food Devotions and one day he was teaching on FAVOUR and that it is mine. So I started to daily confess that I have favour at work and since then I have been getting extra hours weekly to make my hours close to fulltime! Praise God!- Erik